Implementing innovation drive and developing the demonstration area of CNC machine tool functional components

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In order to accelerate the construction of the Shandong Peninsula National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone (referred to as “created zone”) and implement the innovation-driven development

校园足球手抄报 In order to accelerate the construction of the Shandong Peninsula National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone (referred to as “created zone”) and implement the innovation-driven development strategy in depth, the Science and Technology Department and the Finance Department of Shandong Province jointly issued the “Report on the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone of Shandong Peninsula in 2018”. The Notice on the Implementation of the Construction Fund Implementation Plan, in accordance with the “Management Measures for the Development and Construction Funds of the Shandong Peninsula National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone” and the 2018 Provincial Financial Fund Budget Arrangement, the company completed and compiled “High Speed and High” in October 2017. The key technology research and industrialization of the precision CNC rotary table" Shandong Peninsula National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone Development and Construction Fund Project, with a total investment of 26 million yuan, the previous company completed the investment of 5.5 million yuan, the provincial financial fund 600,000 yuan. The implementation of the project on schedule will accelerate the transformation of the company's independent innovation achievements, further improve the independent innovation system of enterprises, promote the optimization and upgrading of product structure, and realize the construction of industrial demonstration bases for high-speed and high-precision CNC rotary tables.

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